Cum-Dripping Mancunt

September 11, 2013

Somewhere along the way, during a night of debauched perversion, you lose track of who comes and goes. It's the same thing for the cameraman in attendance. Though we try to focus on the sexual activity, after a while, the sea of writhing bodies becomes nothing more than body parts. Only tattoos and piercings might set someone apart. Then again, when you have a bunch of bareback sex pigs that can only be described as cock, hole, and cum whores, that's the way they like it. So we just stick with it and keep on filming, hoping we can capture the wild abandon with which these complete and utter whores throw themselves into.

As an example, we bring you back to our barebacking co-hosts, Jan Losch and Karl Schiffers. They've just finished tag-teaming Niklas raw, leaving him with a gaping mancunt that's stretched out enough to take more. MUCH more. And that's exactly what Jan gives the bottom sling pig. First, he works one of his big hands inside the mancunt but, after a while, he needs to keep fucking. So he slams his dick back inside Niklas while Karl feeds him dick. But Jan doesn't just fuck. He goes further by working his hand AND dick inside Niklas, successfuly jerking himself off into the fisting bottom. And yet, Niklas needs more. Jan and Karl take turns punching the fuckhole, alternating between dick and fists, plunging deeper. As more guests arrive, Jan and Karl give up their hold over Niklas and the greedy pig takes them on. He's left with a cum-filled, load-dripping asshole that any felching freak would want to bury his face in.